As the lockdown continues and we find ourselves trapped inside with enough time to binge-watch our favorite TV shows and series, a perfectly appropriate Moviegoers is always appreciated to break the TV bender.

While the subject matter may be interesting and exciting, there is generally one person who disrupts the action by sobbing or yawning, or yapping throughout the film. But hold on, we have all been that guy or gal at some point. During the limited time we are exposed to the characters and their way of life in a movie, we can immerse ourselves in this fictitious world and find ourselves in their shoes, feeling what they are feeling.

Based on our viewing habits, we have identified seven distinct types of moviegoers. Which one are you, exactly?

1. The Foodie Moviegoers

This person will be responsible for delivering all of the food to the movie screening. In the Publix weekly ad preview, they saw the three for 10$ Talenti Gelato and bought it to accompany an Italian pizza, popcorn, and a slushie. It is not uncommon for a gourmet to pay attention to the movie until the conclusion, despite the constant chewing and slurping sounds.

2. The Opinion Leader Moviegoers

This guy will talk and talk and talk. Like Suzzie in film X, who did A, B, and C with her hair, they will talk about how the guy or woman is dress and how their hair color doesn’t match. This is a common occurrence when you end up missing out on some of the best lines of dialogue because you are preoccupied with what they are saying.

3. The Puzzled Investigator

If your granny kept asking you what was going on or why the woman who had just lost her son was sobbing while watching a movie with you, you are not alone. Even if a few sights are visible, this person, like a granny, may have a foggy aspect on their face and appear bewildered, no matter how clear they appear. Trying to explain can only lead to a situation in which you find yourself hours after the film has ended with no idea who the main character was or what had just occurred the entire time.

4. One Who Is Delighted About Everything That Happens To Them

As soon as the enemy is hit via our hero, this guy will get out of his seat and exclaim “booyah!”. A victory dance is not out of the question. He is a natural extrovert, and he is capable of responding to the anti-hero with a quiet snort or a smile.

5. Inappropriate Cry (aka The Ugly Crier)

What do you think of this film? Bring out the Kleenex box for this person. Every harrowing moment will bring them to tears, and when the beautiful ending finally arrives, they may collapse. April 16, 2021, is the release date for the Bios game. If that is the case, you will want to get away from the crier and watch this one far away since Tom Hanks plays the world’s last man, a terminally ill man with only the company of a robot and a dog. What a heartbreaker, am I right?

6. The Sleeper Moviegoers

This person is already half-dead, and the movie hasn’t even started yet. They could also ask you what you missed if they wake up halfway through. When they want your attention, be careful not to mislead them into a deeper sleep than before. Instead, you should take your time watching the movie and then travel to the city to tell everyone about it after it is over.

7. The Future Director

There is more to this man’s presence in this picture than just the amusing cast of characters. His eyes will remain fixed on the digital camera angles and lighting, as well as on the whole screenplay and every single motion performed by the characters. He is the kind of guy who, while behind the camera of a digital camera, is directing a movie, can take notes, and wow you with the nearness of destiny.